Fibromyalgia Articles


These are good articles that I have found and wanted to share.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Submits New Drug Application for JZP-6 (sodium oxybate) for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia

"Old" drug (Naltrexone) gets "new" use for fibromyalgia, may ease fibromyalgia pain...

This is a great article describing the Effective Treatment of Fibromyalgia, written by Dr. Stuart S. Silverman, Clinical Professor of Medicine & Rheumatology, UCLA

Has anyone ever heard of the "grove approach" or Fibroga?  Take a look!

New Fibro Drug (Savella) approved!  I have provided two links to articles below:

A great article on how to survive the holidays with fibromyalgia:

Here is a link to an article published on WebMD, November 3, 2008 titled: "Fibromyalgia is a "real disease".

This site is chalk-full of fibromyalgia new and articles:

Here is a link to an article in "All About Women " magazine written concerning my findings on natural Techniques which help to diminish symptoms of FMS CFS/ME.