Snohomish County, WA Community Resource Guide

We have not had time to verify every charitible agency or organizations on our site and we do not endorse any of these agencies or organizations.

This resource guide provides resources that are for both the Snohomish County, WA area and nationally. It is a long list but it is formatted to be user friendly and easy to follow, (I hope!) This guide contains information and links for financial, medical, housing and other resources.


211 (Snohomish County Info): If you do not know where to turn for community resources, just dial 211 from a land line phone or (800) 223-8145 from a cell phoneTTY phone line (800) 846-8517. This is a service through United Way and they may have the most comprehensive information in your area. This is a 24 hour phone line: Crisis Intervention, *Interpreters Available*

Care Crisis Line (24 Hour): 
Phone (425) 258-4357 or (800) 584-3578

Elder Care Locator Service: Information about community services for older people anywhere in the U.S. and its territories. Phone (800) 677-1116

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Community Service Offices: DSHS, determines eligibility and authorizes programs such as Basic Food Program, medical assistance (Medicaid, Medicare Savings Programs), General Assistance Unemployable (GA-U) and other programs. Even if you do not qualify for full medical care, most states have a state assisted program that you may qualify for, to assist in paying your healthcare premiums. In WA State that program is called Basic Health. Phone (800) 660-9840 Website:

Contact numbers for above DSHS programs:

Everett Phone
(425) 438-4971
Lynnwood/Alderwood Phone (425) 438-4974 or (800) 230-1819 TTY (425) 672-2315
Sky Valley Phone (425) 438-4972 or (800) 735-7039 TTY (360) 805-1158
Smokey Point Phone (425) 438-4973 or (800) 827-1808 TTY (360) 658-2293  
DSHS Helpline Phone (800) 562-3022 

Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Home & Community Service Offices:
DSHS determines eligibility and authorizes state-funded long-term care services including in-home care (COPES/Medicaid) and residential care (assisted living facilities and adult family/nursing homes).

Contact Number for the above DSHS programs:

Everett Phone
(425) 339-4010 or (800) 780-7094 TTY (425) 339-1884
Lynnwood/Alderwood Phone (425) 673-3339 or (800) 780-7089 TTY (425) 672-0932
Sky Valley Phone (360) 794-1700 or (800) 398-4172 TTY (360) 794-1042
Smokey Point Phone (360) 651-6800 or (800) 827-2984 TTY (360) 653-3922 

To apply for DSHS assistance, you now apply online. Once DSHS receives your online application, they will send you an appointment letter by mail. If you do not have internet access, computers are provided at the DSHS office for your use, to apply for services. If all else fails, your local library usually provides computer access to their patrons. 

Division of Child Support: General Information Phone
(800) 442-5437
Everett Phone (425) 438-4800 or (800) 729-7580
Seattle Phone (206) 341-7000 or (800) 526-8658
Olympia Phone (360) 664-6900 or (800) 345-9964

Assistance League of Everett: Assistance League of Everett is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping those in need within our community, Snohomish County, Washington.   We manage several Community Outreach Programs that are focused on lending a helping hand to those in need. Our largest program, Operation School Bell, gives children a complete new wardrobe of school clothing. Other programs provide financial aid to graduating high school seniors, scholarships to Everett Community College students, clothing and hygiene kits for assault victims, teddy bears for children and adults who are victims of assault or domestic violence, clothing to adults re-entering the workplace and more. Phone (425) 252-3011 Website:

Project Self-Sufficiency (Helping Families Help Themselves):
Program Self-Sufficiency is a comprehensive, community-based program that assists low-income families in moving to economic self-sufficiency. The program provides a foundation of support that assists low-income parents in attaining skills that will support their families. Many parents are already employed when they apply but need supportive services, such as subsidized housing, to maintain employment. Some of the services provided: Needs Assessment/Action Planning, Resource Referral, Pre-employment Services/Career Counseling and Referrals for Subsidized Housing Vouchers. If you believe that you are eligible and would like to receive an application, you will need to attend an orientation. Phone (425) 388-7416 to find out where and when the orientations will be held.

Catholic Community Services: Phone
(425) 257-2111

Pathways for Women: Phone
(425) 774-9843

Salvation Army: Phone (425) 259-8129

St. Vincent De Paul: Phone
(425) 355-3504

Volunteers of America (Rent/mortgage assistance & deposit/loans): Phone (425) 259-3191

Child Abuse Hotline: Phone (800) 422-4453

Children's Protective Services (CPS): 24 Hour Hotline Phone (866) 363-4276 TTY (800) 624-6186

Compass Health Crisis Response (24 Hours): Phone (425) 349-7300 or (800) 584-3578

Domestic Violence Hotline: Phone (800) 562-6025

Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County: Everett Phone (425) 252-2873

Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse: Specialized medical services, medical and legal advocacy, support groups, community education.  All services are free and confidential. 24-hour crisis line response. Phone (425) 252-4800

Elder Abuse – Adult Protective Services Hotline (APS): Hotline to report suspected abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or abandonment of a vulnerable older adult. Phone (800) 487-0416

Poison Control Center: Phone (800) 732-6985

Veterans - Snohomish County Human Services Referrals: Phone (425) 388-7200

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities: Phone (800) 695-0285

Senior Information and Assistance: Phone
(425) 513-1900 or (800) 422-2024 TTY (425) 347-7997

Stillaguamish Tribe: Phone (360) 657-2687

Tulalip Tribe of Washington: Phone (360) 651-4000

Washington State Tribal Directory: Website:


Below is a list of low-income and subsidized (Section 8) housing programs. "Low-income" = cheaper than market value, Subsidized = 30% of your income. Some complexes may be for seniors or disabled persons only; you will need to call each individual complex listed to find out if you qualify. (All have waiting lists so apply ASAP to be added to as many lists as you can!) You may also be able to get a low-income housing list from your local DSHS office. There are several forms of subsidized housing:

Federal Section 8 Subsidized Housing (30% of your income): Housing choice vouchers allow very low-income families to choose and lease or purchase safe, decent, and affordable privately-owned rental housing. Website:
Snohomish County Housing Authority: You can apply for Snohomish County Housing Authority complexes and the Federal Section 8 housing waiting lists. Phone (425) 290-8499 Website:

Everett Housing Authority: The Federal Section 8 housing waiting list is closed at this agency. (If you apply for the Federal Section 8 waiting list, through Snohomish County Housing, you will not need to apply through Everett Housing anyway.) You can still apply for Everett Housing Authority complexes. Phone (425) 258-9222 Website:

Senior Information and Housing Assistance:
Phone (425) 513-1900 or (800) 422-2024

Senior Services of Snohomish County:
Phone (425) 355-1112

Listed below, you will find individual properties that are low-income or subsidized.



Bayview Gardens                                                               Lincoln Hill Senior Apartments

7822 272nd Street N.W.                                                      7430 276th Street N.W.
Stanwood, WA 98292                                                        Stanwood, WA 98292

(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                     Phone: (360) 652-6545

Phone: (360) 629-6860                                                                                                         


Scandia Village                                                                   Island View Apartments

8401 Hennings Drive                                                          7930 272nd Street N.W.
Stanwood, WA 98292                                                         Stanwood, WA 98292
(Individual &/or Family)                                                    (Individual &/or Family)

Phone: (360) 629-4442                                                      Phone: (360) 629-2239                              




Wesley Point                                                                       Twin Ponds
1033 Wesley Street                                                             860 Wesley Street
Arlington, WA 98223                                                           Arlington, WA 98223

(Individual &/or Family)                                                    Phone: (360) 435-9241                                                     
Phone: (360) 474-0247


Whitehorse Apartments
555 Elwell
Darrington, WA 98241
(Senior &/or Disabled)
(360) 436-0551



Wellington                                                                           Wishing Well I Apartments

4329 84th Street N.E.                                                           4300 88th Street N.E.

Marysville, WA 98270                                                          Marysville, WA 98270

(Individual &/or Family)                                                     (Senior &/or Disabled)                              
(360) 658-7565                                                       Phone: (360) 659-9638


Wishing Well 2                                                                    Meadow Park

4300 88th Street N.E.                                                          7527 51st Street N.E.

Marysville, WA 98270                                                         Marysville, WA 98270

(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                      Phone: (360) 653-4716
(360) 658-7565                                                     


Willow Run                                                                          Pilchuck I

4900 80th Street N.E.                                                          1724 Grove Street

Marysville, WA 98270                                                         Marysville, WA 98270

Phone: (360) 653-4885 or (360) 658-6610                        (Disabled/Non-Smoking)

                                                                                            Phone: (360) 653-4941

Pilchuck II                                                                           

1724 Grove Street                                                               Marysville Quilceda Meadows

Marysville, WA 98270                                                          4520 84th Street N.E.

(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                       Marysville, WA 98270                                           
(360) 653-4941                                                       (Senior &/or Disabled)
                                                                                             Phone: (360) 653-0370
Cedar Landing                              
8700 67th Avenue N.E.                                                        Duplex – 1929 6th Street                                                      
Marysville, WA 98270                                                          1929 6th Street
(Individual &/or Family)                                                      Marysville, WA 98270                                               
Phone: (360) 658-4889                                                        (Individual &/or Family)
(206) 331-1992
Windsor Square Retirement Apartments
9912 48th Drive N.E.
Marysville, WA 98270
(Senior &/or Disabled)
(360) 653-1717                                                                                                       



Lake Stevens Manor                                                               Cedarwood I                                      

12703 16th Street N.E.                                                            10018 5th Place S.E.                                                                                                               

Lake Stevens, WA 98258                                                        Lake Stevens, WA 98258                               

(Individual &/or Family)                                                         (Individual &/or Family)
(425) 335-5644                                                           Phone: (425) 335-0398


Cedarwood II                                                                           Cedarwood IV                          

420 101st Avenue S.E.                                                             501 102nd Drive S.E. 

Lake Stevens, WA 98258                                                        Lake Stevens, WA 98258               

Phone: (425) 335-5406                                                           (Individual &/or Family)

                                                                                                 Phone: (425) 335-0398                                                                                      
Glenwood Apartments
9808 4th Street N.E.                                                                  Lake Village East
Lake Stevens, WA 98258                                                     420 97th Drive N.E. 
(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                            Lake Stevens, WA 98258
(425) 334-2644                                                            (Senior &/or Disabled)

                                                                                         Phone: (425) 335-4133



Whispering Pines                                                                      Hidden Firs

18201 52nd Avenue W.                                                              6039 208th Street S.W.

Lynnwood, WA 98037                                                               Lynnwood, WA 98036

Phone: (425) 778-3168                                                            Phone: (425) 775-4322


Millwood                                                                                    Lynnwood Rotary Center

508 164th Street S.W.                                                                6425 196th Street S.W.

Lynnwood, WA 98037                                                               Lynnwood, WA 98036

Phone: (425) 743-5050                                                            (Senior &/or Disabled)

                                                                                           Phone: (425) 775-0881                                                                

Morning Calm
4208 156th Street S.W.                                                              Oxford Square
Lynnwood, WA 98087                                                                4807 200th Street S.W.
(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                             Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425)741-8806                                                              (Individual &/or Family)

                                                                                          Phone: (425) 774-5212
Woodland Greens Apartments
19801 50th Avenue W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(Individual &/or Family)
(425) 771-9494



Trailside Village                                                                           Parkside Apartments

1300 100th Place SE                                                                   900 W. Casino Road

Everett, WA 98208                                                                      Everett, WA 98204

(Individual &/or Family)                                                            (Individual &/or Family)
(425) 355-0630                                                              Phone: (425) 353-0300


Beverly Village Apartments                                                         Twelve Pines

801 75th Street                                                                             2701 12th Street

Everett, WA 98203                                                                      Everett, WA 98201

(Individual &/or Family)                                                            (Individual &/or Family)
(425) 353-4920                                                               Phone: (425) 353-0300


Mill Pointe Apartments                                                                Artspace Everett Lofts
3111 132nd Street S.E.                                                                2917 Hoyt Avenue
Everett, WA 98208                                                                      Everett, WA 98201
(Individual &/or Family)                                                            (Individual &/or Family)
(425) 585-2001                                                               Phone: (425) 252-5935

Brisa Apartments                                                                          Colby Crest Apartments
12402 Admiralty Way                                                                    2515 Colby Avenue
Everett, WA 98204                                                                        Everett, WA 98201
(Individual &/or Family)                                                              (Individual &/or Family)
(425) 353-1100                                                                Phone: (425) 258-2343

Everett 4 Plex                                                                               Family Tree Apartments

12420 5th Avenue S.W.                                                                10110 19th Avenue S.E.
Everett, WA 98204                                                                       Everett, WA 98208
(Individual &/or Family)                                                             (Individual &/or Family)
(206) 229-9978                                                                Phone: (425) 337-6760  




Tall Firs (Senior)                                                                           Brentwood

23000 55th Ave W.                                                                        21819 66th Ave W.

Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043                                                    Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Phone: (425) 774-9464                                                               Phone: (425) 771-5064



Friendship House I Apartments                                                   Galway Bay Apartments

701 W. Elizabeth                                                                          507 8th Street

Monroe, WA 98272                                                                      Sultan, WA 98294

(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                               (Senior &/or Disabled)
(360) 794-6245                                                                Phone: (360) 793-9461

Friendship House II                                                                      Monroe Villa                                    
701 W. Elizabeth                                                                          601 W. Elizabeth
Monroe, WA 98272                                                                      Monroe, WA 98272
(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                               (Senior &/or Disabled)
(425) 794-6245                                                                Phone: (360) 568-1845




Woodlake                                                                                     Woodlake Manor I & II

1120 13th Street                                                                           1018 13th Street

Snohomish, WA 98290                                                                Snohomish, WA 98290

(Senior)                                                                                       (Senior &/or Disabled)
(360) 568-7170                                                               Phone: (360) 568-1845

Pilchuck Ridge                                                                             Garden Court 4 Plex Apartments                                             

226 6th Street                                                                               310 Garden Court

Snohomish, WA 98290                                                                Snohomish, WA 98290  
Phone: (360) 568-1434                                                               (Individual &/or Family)
(425) 422-3635

Cascade Apartments
106 W. Wallace                                                                            Montclair Apartments
Granite Falls, WA 98252                                                              605 S. Kentucky
(Senior &/or Disabled)                                                               Granite Falls, WA 98252
(425) 335-5644                                                               (Senior &/or Disabled)
(360) 691-7887

You may also find an additional list of low-income apartments at the following Website: Make sure that you use .org and not .com, there is a difference!

American Red Cross: This agency mostly deals with disasters, but it does not hurt to call to see if you are eligible for any funds. Phone (425) 252-4103 Website:

Volunteers of America/Care Crisis Line: For families, children, seniors, and adults with developmental disabilities, Volunteers of America Western Washington is The Place to Turn for those in need. In fact, 350,000 times a year people in need turn to us for assistance. Volunteers of America is the largest human service agency in Snohomish County and we serve 8 counties in Western Washington. We are an affiliate of a national organization, governed by a local board of directors.

Specifically, we: Help Families in Crisis, Cultivate Promise in Children, Empower Independence for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities. Whether we are delivering food to a homebound senior, providing rent and mortgage assistance, or providing a child with the tools needed to succeed in school, we are there, answering the calls for help from our community’s most vulnerable neighbors. 
Phone (425) 259-3191 Email:  Website:

Center for Battered Women: DVS is a private, non-profit organization serving Snohomish County since 1976. We are the only program in Snohomish County providing emergency shelter and comprehensive, confidential services to victims of domestic abuse without regard to age, gender, race, religion, culture, national origin, sexual orientation or income level. DVS provides individual and community awareness programs which can affect the social change necessary to eliminate domestic violence throughout Snohomish County. Local (Everett area) 24 Hour Crisis Line Phone (425) 252-2873 or WA State Hotline Phone (800) 562-6025 National Hotline Phone (800) 799-7233 Website:

Everett Vet Center (Primarily PTSD Counseling): Everett Phone
(425) 252-9701 Resources specific to active duty personnel: Phone (253) 967-1110

Pathways for Women of Snohomish County – YMCA: Everett
Lynnwood Phone (425) 774-9843

Center for Counseling and Health Resources (for Eating Disorders): Edmonds
(425) 771-5166 or (888) 771-5166
Cocoon House (Youth: ages 13-17 Years Old): 
Cocoon House fosters personal growth and healthy relationships to strengthen and empower at-risk and homeless youth and their families. Established in 1991, Cocoon House has been Snohomish County's only resource exclusively serving homeless and at-risk youth ages 13-17. We believe that every child deserves a home and the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. Cocoon House provides youth housing and other critical community-based services to youth, caregivers, families and the community. Phone (425) 259-6042 or (800) 259-6042
Email: Website:

Everett Gospel (Men's) Mission: 
The Everett Gospel Mission was established in 1961 to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless and hurting of the community by spreading the Gospel through Rescue Mission work. Today we are the largest Faith-Based Organization for homeless men, women and children in Snohomish, Skagit, Island and San Juan counties. In addition, we are the only organization to provide emergency shelter to single men and the larger of only two organizations providing emergency shelter to single women. Phone (425) 252-4776 Website:

Everett Gospel (Women's) Mission:
Shelter for single women and women with children.
Phone (425) 252-1206

Everett Gospel Mission and Daycare Center:
Phone (425) 252-4776

Friends of Youth (Youth: ages 13-17 Years Old):
 Friends of Youth delivers a broad range of services to youth and their families to improve their emotional stability and self-sufficiency. Phone: (425) 869-6490 Website:

Housing Hope
: A safe, decent and affordable home is the first step in the journey to self-sufficiency for many low-income families in Snohomish County. Housing Hope provides a wide range of housing opportunities - from emergency shelter and transitional housing to affordable rentals and a unique homeownership program - plus effective programs to support a family's progress. Phone (425) 347-6556 Website:

St. Vincent DePaul (Motel Vouchers): Phone (425) 355-3504

Hopelinks Transitional Housing: Phone (425) 556-9289

Interfaith Family Shelter: Phone (425) 252-2802

Kenmore Shelter (for Families):
Phone (425) 556-9289

Monroe Gospel Mission (Single women only): Phone (360) 863-9003

Salvation Army (Everett): Phone (425)259-8129

Displaced Homemakers: Phone (425) 771-6530

Haven House: Phone (425) 349-8393

Pathways for Women: Phone (425) 774-9843


Aside from applying for food benefits through your local Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), they may be able to provide you with a list of food banks in your area. You can also try the organizations that are listed above under utilities and heating, as they may be able to help you with food also. Below, I have listed some local Food Banks.


Arlington Community Food Bank, Address: 127 West Cox Ave., Arlington, WA Phone (360) 435-1631 
Stillaguamish Senior Food Bank, Address: 18303 Smokey Point Blvd, Arlington, WA 
Phone (360) 653-4551

Darrington Food Bank, Address: 660 Emmens Street, Darrington, WA Phone (360) 436-1833


Edmonds Food Bank, Address: 828 Caspers Street, Edmonds, WA Phone (425) 778-5833
Westgate Chapel Food Bank, Address: 22901 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA
Phone (425) 775-2776
Edmonds Senior Center Food Bank,
Phone (425) 774-5555

Salvation Army Food Bank, Address: 2525 Rucker Ave., Everett, WA
Phone (425) 259-8129
Volunteers of America, Address: 1230 Broadway Ave., Everett, WA
Phone (425) 259-3192 ext. 221
Expanded Nutrition Program,
Phone (425) 338-2400
St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank,
Phone (425) 355-3505

Granite Falls:
The Father's House/Granite Falls Food Bank, Address: 112 Cascade Ave., Granite Falls, WA
Phone (360) 691-5290

Lake Stevens:
Lake Stevens Food Bank, Address: 2111 117th Ave. N.E., Lake Stevens, WA Phone (425) 334-3430

Lynnwood Food Bank, Address: 5320 176th Street S.W., Lynnwood, WA Phone (425) 745-1635

Maltby Food Bank, Address: 21104 86th Ave. S.E., Maltby, WA Phone (360) 668-7900


Marysville Food Band, Address: 6518 60th Drive N.E., Marysville, WA Phone (360) 658-1054
Victory Foursquare Gospel Church,
Phone (360) 651-1110


Sky Valley Food Bank, Address: 784 Village Way, Monroe, WA Phone (360) 794-7959

Mountlake Terrace: 

Concern for Neighbors Food Bank, Address: 4700 228th Street S.W., Mountlake Terrace, WA
Phone (425) 778-7227


Mukilteo Presbyterian Food Bank, Address: 4514 84th Street S.W., Mukilteo, WA Phone (425) 212-2651

Snohomish Community Food Bank, Address: 1330 Ferguson Park Road, Snohomish, WA
Phone (360) 568-7993

Stanwood and Camano Island:
Stanwood/Camano Island Food Bank, Address: 27030 102nd Ave. N.W., Stanwood, WA
Phone (360) 629-2789

Other food assistance:
WIC (Women/Infant/Children) Nutritional Program, N. Everett Phone (425) 252-5303, S. Everett Phone (425) 316-8929, Lynnwood Phone (425) 258-8400, Marysville/Tulalip Phone (360) 657-4102, WIC National Office Email:


Snohomish County Energy Assistance Program:
To qualify for this program, you must live in Snohomish County, have a heating bill in your name and meet the income guidelines of the program. Phone (425) 388-3880.

American Red Cross (Utilities):
Phone (425) 438-4103 

If you do not live in Snohomish County: Most cities’ have an energy assistance program to help with your utility and heating bills during the winter, your utility/heating company should be able to give you that information. Also, if you are on disability or are on DSHS, ask your utility/heating company if they have a discount for low income or disabled individuals. Again, other great resources to turn to are The United Way, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America or similar organizations or churches in your area. They may have funds that can be used for this type of situation. 


Telephone Service: If you are disabled or on DSHS, most telephone companies offer a discount, all you need to do is ask and they will let you know what they need from you in order to receive the discount! Benefits of discounts may include: Up to a 50% discount on telephone connection fees, when you move into a residence, discounts on your monthly local telephone service and a waiver of local deposits. Some local telephone service companies are: Verizon Phone (800) 837-4966, Comcast Phone (877) 870-4310 and Qwest Phone (800) 475-7526

Washington Telephone Assistance Program: Phone (888) 700-8880 or TTY (360) 725-4753

Assurance Wireless Cell Phone Service: Free cell phone service.  FREE phone and 250 FREE minutes for those who qualify!  It is just $5.00 for an additional 250 minutes!  Phone (888) 898-4888, Website:

Free cell phone service.  FREE phone and 250 FREE minutes for those who qualify! 
For Enrollment and Plan Changes Support Phone (800) 977-3768


Catholic Community Services (Baby Layette Program): Phone
(425) 257-2111

Everett Gospel Mission: Phone (425) 252-4776

Operation School Bell: Appointments from 10am-1pm, Monday – Friday. Phone (425) 252-8671

Pathways for Women: Phone (425) 774-9843

Pregnancy Aid: Maternity/infant clothing, T-W-Th from 9:30am – 12pm. Phone (425) 252-6444

Pregnancy Resource Center: Phone (425) 339-2175

Salvation Army: Phone (425) 259-8129

Snohomish Food Bank and Clothing: Thursdays, 10am – 5pm. Phone (360) 568-7993

St. Vincent de Paul: Clothing and furniture. Phone (425) 355-3505

The Mission: Men, women, children’s clothing, Fridays, 1pm – 5pm. Phone (425) 252-4776

Volunteers of America: Phone (425) 259-3192

Westgate Chapel: Phone (425) 775-2776

Working Wardrobe (YMCA): Phone
(425) 258-2766 ext. 228


Community Information Line (Snohomish County Info): Phone
211 or (800) 223-8145

Care Crisis Line (24 hour phone line-crisis intervention): Phone (425) 258-4357

SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors) - Low cost healthcare benefits & low or no cost prescriptions: One number referral Phone (425) 290-1276

Washington Medical Assistance Program: Phone (800) 562-3022

Catholic Community Services: Phone
(425) 257-2111 or (888) 240-8572

Children with Special Care Needs/Snohomish County Health District: Phone (425) 339-8652

Children’s Hospital Resource Line (Seattle): Phone (206) 987-2000 or (866) 987-2000

Citrine Health/Positive Women’s Network (PWN):
Connects women and families to free or low-cost, preventative healthcare screenings and services, including women’s health exams, mammograms and Pap tests. They work with individuals and families to connect them to health insurance, including Medicaid and Basic Health and private insurers. They help individuals and families complete and submit applications to Basic Food programs in their local communities. Everett Phone (425) 259-9899 or (888) 651-8931 Website: and

Community Health Center (Prescription Assistance): Phone (425) 789-2050

Community Health Center of Snohomish County: Marysville Phone (360) 653-1742, N. Everett Phone (425) 551-1000, S. Everett Phone (425) 551-6001, Lynnwood Phone (425) 835-5204 or (800) 440-1561

Elks Therapy Program, Free in-home occupational & physical therapy (Birth – 21 years):
(800) 825-3557

Pathways for Women YMCA: Everett Phone (425) 258-2766, Lynnwood Phone (425) 774-9843

Planned Parenthood: Phone (800) 230-7526

Pregnancy Resource Center: Phone
(425) 339-2175

Sea Mar Community Health: Everett Phone
(425) 347-5415, Marysville Phone (360) 653-1742

Snohomish Health District (Well Child Clinic/Immunizations): Phone
(425) 339-5220

Providence Regional Medical Center (Colby Campus): Phone (425) 261-2000

Providence Regional Medical Center (Pacific Campus): Phone (425) 258-7123

Stevens Hospital: Phone
(425) 640-4000

Valley General Hospital: Phone (360) 794-7497

Everett Optometry (Ask for Lions Club Location for Aid): Phone (425) 259-4343

Providence Hospice of Snohomish County:
Providing health care and comfort to people of all ages facing a life-threatening illness.  Phone (425) 261-4800

This site has links with information about Medicare, Medicaid, and supplemental private insurance programs. There is also contact information for State Health Insurance Programs (SHIPs), and information about how to choose a prescription plan. Phone (202) 737-6340 Website:

 A comprehensive online service to screen for federal, state and some local private and public benefits for older adults (ages 55 and older). It contains over 1,300 different programs from all fifty states. The program helps to connect individuals to government programs that can help them pay for prescription medications, health care, utilities, and other needs. Website:
: This is a free prescription drug discount card program that is open to everyone. You are not required to fill out an application. You can save an average of over 30% with savings as high as 75% on your prescriptions through this program. To obtain drug pricing, search participating pharmacies and to download a membership card that can be used immediately, just go to their website or call them toll free at Phone (866) 410-4225 and they will mail you a card. Website:

access2wellness: Many people might find themselves choosing between medications and other important necessities of life.  access2wellness provides access to one of the broadest selections of assistance programs that offer more than 1,000 prescription medications, for free or at a discount, to those who qualify. This site contains information about these programs and can help determine who might be eligible to receive assistance. Website:

Net Wish:
Net Wish was started anonymously by a businessman to help the working poor, the elderly, children and the disabled. His intention was to help the less fortunate in the community, and absolutely no tax benefit is received for wishes fulfilled. Net Wish accepts hundreds of requests for immediate and pressing financial aid every month. Up to $500 per request is given if accepted. Bills will be directly paid or a gift certificate will be sent for the specific item requested. Apply at Website:

The Hill-Burton Hotline:
Emergency Medical Assistance through The Hill Burton Hotline: Under this program, certain hospitals and other health care facilities provide free or low-cost medical care to patients who cannot afford to pay. You may qualify even if your income is up to double the Poverty Income Guidelines. That's $32,900 for a family of 4. You can apply before or after you receive care and even after a medical bill has been sent to a collection agency. Call the hotline to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements and to request a list of local hospitals who are participating. 
Phone (800) 638-0742 Website:

The HealthWell Foundation: A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which addresses the needs of individuals who cannot afford their insurance co-payments, premiums, coinsurance or other out-of-pocket health care costs. Phone (800) 675-8416       Email: Website:

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA):
Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America offers a patient assistance program known as Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). PPA brings together America's pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, patient advocacy organizations, and community groups to help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need. Its mission is to increase awareness of patient assistance programs and boost enrollment of those who are eligible. This organization is supported by Montel Williams. Phone (888) 477-2669 or (800) 762-4636 Website: An internet-based patient assistance and sampling web portal in the pharmaceutical industry. They help physicians, prescribers, and physician office personnel to apply for, obtain, and track requests for no cost medications for their patients when they are unable to afford medications and do not have access to prescription insurance or other government-funded programs. 
Phone (908) 713-7600 Website:
 Provides information on the programs many pharmaceutical companies have that give away free prescription medications to people who have no insurance and qualify for their programs. They do not have a program of their own, nor do they supply medications or help individuals financially. They just supply information about Brand and Generic name drugs, program lists, company lists, state and local programs, Medicaid links, and possible prescription cards. They are a non-profit organization. Website:

RXAssist: A national program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which offers information on public and private sources of medication assistance. Website:

The Medicine Program:
 Provides prescription medication free or at a lower cost to individuals in need who meet the criteria.  The Medicine Program is available nationwide and is designed to help people of all ages. Phone: (866) 694-3893 or write to: P.O. Box 1089, Poplar Bluffs, MO 63902-1089 to request a free brochure and application. Website:

The Free Medicine Program:
Helps patients in getting prescription medications free of charge provided they meet criteria.  Phone (800) 921-0072 or write to Free Medicine Program at P.O. Box 630217, Miami, FL 33163-0217 Website:

Together RX Access: A prescription savings program that provides uninsured individuals under age 65 who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid with savings on medications from a number of leading pharmaceutical companies. Phone (800) 444-4106 Website:

Rx Outreach: A patient assistance program that provides qualified low-income individuals and families with access to generic versions of brand name medications. $20, $30, or $40 is the TOTAL cost for each 90-day supply. It covers the medication, processing, and shipping. Rx Outreach can be used regardless of age and even if another program is in use. Phone (800) 769-3880 Website:

Drugassistant: A site that can refer you to advocates that help in getting assistance for prescriptions. The advocates that drugassistant refers you to will charge anywhere from $5-$10 per prescription. You may be eligible for the program if you have an income of less than $26,000 per year (married), or less than $16,000 per year (single). This site is promoted and endorsed by You can call if you don't have access to the internet. Phone (806) 584-7550 Website:

itizens Health Card: Nationwide program available to anyone that gives varying discounts on prescription medications at many pharmacies. Individuals and families pay a specific rate for the discount card each year. For more details or to apply, contact Citizens Energy Corporation. 
Phone (800) 563-5479 Website: 

Pfizer Helpful Answers:
Provides comprehensive savings programs to eligible individuals without prescription medication coverage.  There may be some exceptions for lower income individuals who have insurance coverage. To see if you may qualify for one of their programs call: Phone (866) 776-3700 or (800) 707-8990 Website:

Pfizer MAINTAIN Program 
(Medicine assistance for those who are in need): MAINTAIN is a medicine assistance program for newly unemployed Americans who do not have prescription coverage. The program allows eligible patients who have recently become unemployed and are currently uninsured, continue receiving their Pfizer medicines at no cost for up to one year, or until they become insured again, whichever comes first. For additional information regarding the program, call toll free,
Phone (866) 706-2400 Website:
Lilly Answers Card: Available for Medicare beneficiaries and individuals with disabilities who do not have prescription medication coverage and have annual incomes at or below specific criteria. Phone (877) 795-4559 Website:

Norvatis Patient Assistance Program: Provides assistance to patients experiencing financial hardship who have no third party insurance coverage for their medicines. Phone (888) 669-6682

Forest Pharmaceuticals Prescription Assistance Program: Provides no-cost Forest medications to individuals who qualify.  Phone (800) 851-0758 Website:

Merck Prescription Discount Program and Patient Assistance Program: The Merck Prescription Discount Program offers discount medications regardless of age or income. The Patient Assistance Program offers medicine free of charge to eligible individuals, primarily the uninsured.
Phone (800) 727-5400 Website:

The Eldercare Locator: Information on prescription assistance programs in your state or the number of your state's Department of Aging. They can provide you with more information on prescription medication programs near you. Phone (800) 677-1116 Website:

Disability Resource Directory:
Disability Resources, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information that can help people with disabilities live, learn, love, work and play independently. Website:

Prescription Drug Assistance Programs (Medicare):
Offers a searchable database of prescription medication assistance programs, Medicare managed care plans, and Medigap plans that offer prescription medication coverage. The database can be searched by geographic area, manufacturers, and conditions or diseases. Website:

The Orange Card Program:
Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline and assists low-income seniors who have no prescription medication coverage. To qualify, seniors or the disabled must be enrolled in Medicare, have an annual income at or below a certain level, and lack public or private medication coverage.
Phone (888) 672-6436 Website:

AARP Member Choice Program: Has a wide range of brand and generic medications available to AARP members with a discount card. For more details or to apply, Phone (800) 439-4457
Website: On-line discount medication. Phone (866) 732-0305 Website:

Ameriplan is a supplemental insurance, fee for services program. AmeriPlan’s services save members millions of dollars each year on dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic and medical health care costs.  For more information, call Phone (469) 229-4500 and pick option 2 or email customer service at:  Website:

The National Fibromyalgia Association:
The Fibromyalgia Resource Directory link is listed below.  It has a plethora of resources.  Complementary Treatments, Disability and Work Issues, Elder Issues, Finances, Insurance, Legal Issues, Lifestyle Resources, Medications, Medical Resources, Healthfinder, Mental Health and Counseling, Overlapping Conditions, Pain Management, Research and Clinical Trials and Services Resources.  You are bound to find what you are looking for there!  

Other Medication Assistance:
If you cannot afford prescription medications, check with your physician. (S)he can often provide you with free samples in the office. Many community health clinics also provide medications at reduced prices. If you need to be seen at a hospital, some hospitals have "grant programs" to pay for or help pay for your hospital bill. It never hurts to ask! Some community organizations (such as churches) may help to pay for your prescriptions. Call around!


ABCD/No Cavity Club of Snohomish County (Health District) Children 0 – 18 years old: with medical coupons: Phone (425) 339-5219

Community Health Center (Dental Clinic): N. Everett Phone (425) 551-9000, S. Everett Phone (425) 551-6001, Lynnwood Phone (425) 835-5204

Everett Dental Clinic: Phone (425) 347-0547

Everett Denture Clinic: Phone (425) 259-2800

Harborview Medical Center Dental Clinic (Seattle): Phone
(206) 731-3189

Lake Washington Technical College (Dental Clinic, Kirkland): Phone
(425) 739- 8130

Monroe Denture Clinic: Phone (360) 805-6900

Park Dental Care (Monroe): Phone (360) 794-0717

Sea Mar Community Health Centers: Marysville Phone
(360) 428-4075, Mount Vernon Phone
(360) 657-3091

Shoreline Community College (Dental Hygiene Clinic): Phone (206) 546-4711
Smile Bright Denture Center (Everett): Phone (425) 355-4409

Snohomish County Dental Resource Line: Phone (425) 339-5219

University of Washington: Children’s Dental Care Phone
(206) 543-3525, Adult Dental Care Phone

(206) 616-6996


University of Washington Pain Management: Seattle Phone (206) 598-4282

Swedish Pain/HA Center:
Seattle Phone (206) 386-2013

Washington Center for Pain Management: Edmonds, Bellevue, Renton
Phone (425) 774-1538

Seattle Pain Center: Seattle
Renton Phone (206) 522-5999


You may use the locator website at:  select WA State and enter your zip code or town.  You may also conduct a detailed search and select service provided needs, type of care needed, special programs and payment needs.

Volunteers of America Access Line: Intake phone line managed through Volunteers of America. Intake Phone (888) 693-7200. An intake worker will assess and then make referrals to the appropriate services. 

Compass Health for Mental Health: Phone
(425) 349-6200 or (800) 584-3578

Bridgeways: Phone
(425) 355-8668

Catholic Community Services: Phone
(425) 257-1621
Sunrise Services for Mental Health: Main Phone (425) 212-4213. Joseph McPherson (Mental Health Case Manager) Phone (425) 493-5820 or (877) 493-5890, Address: 1021 N. Broadway, Everett, WA 98201, Fax (425) 493-5801, Email: Website:

Tulalip Clinic for Mental Health Services: Phone (360) 651-4400

Stillaguamish Tribe for Mental Health Services: Phone
(360) 652-7362

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):
NAMI is a mental health resource for both the afflicted and the caregiver. They provide a list of free or low-cost mental illness medications provided by pharmaceutical companies. They also provide information and support about mental health issues and can guide you to services in your area. Phone (800) 950-6264 Website:

Providence Everett Healthcare Clinic/Access Clinic Behavioral Health: Phone
(425) 317-0300

Community Health Center of Snohomish County (CHC):
They accept private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare.  To see a psychiatric nurse Practitioner, the patient first needs to meet with the primary care provider who will assess the patient’s needs and refer.  Everett – 112th Street, Phone (425) 551-6200
Everett – Broadway, Phone (425) 789-2000

Sea Mar Community Health Centers:
They have a Behavioral Health Services department that provides mental health services, substance abuse treatment (residential and outpatient) and life skills programs.  They accept many private insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. Everett Phone (425) 347-5415, Marysville Phone (360) 653-1742

Family Reconciliation Services (DSHS – This is a free service): Everett Phone
(425) 438-4972

Lynnwood Phone (425) 438-4974

Fairfax Hospital: Phone
(425) 821-2000
Affordable Counseling: Edmonds Phone (425) 778-5544

Lutheran Community Services: Phone (800) 509-0515

Pathways for Women: Main Phone
(425) 258-2766, Intake Phone (425) 412-2360

Fountaingate Psychological and Family Services: Marysville Phone
(360) 653-0374

Summit Counseling: Phone (425) 355-9614

Washington Women In Need (Assistance with Counseling): Phone
(425) 451-8838 

Group Health Behavioral Health:
Group Health patients counseling, case management, individual, group and family counseling. Medication management.  Phone (425) 261-1776

The Everett Clinic:
They will only see patients that are clients at their clinic.  They accept all insurance plans with mental health benefits.  Everett and Mill Creek, Phone (425) 339-5453


Person 2 Person: Seattle 24 hour Help Line.
Phone (206) 722-3700, Toll Free Phone (800) 562-1240. 
Online Resources:

Person 2 Person Teenline: Seattle 24 hour Help Line, Phone (206) 722-4222, Toll Free Phone (800) 562-1240.  Website:

Catholic Community Services Recovery Center (Adult/ADATSA/PPW/DSHS Youth Services):
Phone (425) 258- 5270
Alpine: CD counseling also provides suboxone treatment.  Arlington Phone (360) 658-1388

Outpatient CD and Mental Health.  Edmonds Phone (425) 771-5166

Evergreen Manor – Detoxification
(Adult/ADATSA/PPW): 5 day detox.. Everett Phone (425) 258-3255 Website:

Evergreen Manor Outpatient:
Everett Phone (425) 259-5842

Providence Behavioral Health Services
(Adult/Private Insurance/Medicare): Assessment and intensive outpatient treatment.  Everett Phone (425) 258-7390

Options: Lynnwood Phone
(425) 742-6410

(Adult/ADATSA/PPW): Chemical Dependency Treatment. Everett Phone (425) 609-5505 Monroe Phone (360) 805-3122

Stillaguamish Tribes of Indians
(Adult/ADATSA/PPW): Chemical Dependency Treatment): Smokey Point/Arlington Phone (360) 653-1104

Tulalip Tribe Family Services:
Outpatient, Tulalip Phone (360) 651-4400

Canyon Park Treatment Solutions:
Opiate Substitution Treatment/Methadone Maintenance. Bothell Phone (425) 672-7293

Island Crossing Counseling Center: Opiate Substitution Treatment/Methadone Maintenance. Smokey Point/Arlington Phone (360) 652-9640

Therapeutic Health Services:
Opiate Substitution Treatment/Methadone Maintenance. Everett Phone (425) 347-5121

Providence Behavioral Health Services:
Outpatient Addiction Medicine, Suboxone Program. Everett
Phone (425) 258-7390

ADATSA (DSHS) Pacific Treatment Alternatives (Assistance): Phone
(425) 259-7142

Alcohol and Drug Helpline (24 hours a day/7 days a week): Phone
(800) 562-1240


For resources and Information on Smoking Cessation: Website:

Washington Tobacco Quit Line
(No Fee):  Phone (800) 784-8669 Spanish (877) 266-3863
TTY (877) 777-6534 Website:

Free & Clear Quit for Life Program (Fee covered by some insurance plans): Phone support and training. Phone (866) 784-8454 Website:

Seattle Harborview Medical Center, Smoke Free Program (No Fee): Phone (206) 744-3000

Bellevue Overlake Hospital, Freedom from Smoking Class (Fee covered by some insurance plans): Phone (425) 688-5259 Website:

Various locations. Seminars or self-learning kit.  Phone (800) 828-4357 ext. 3

American Lung Association, Freedom from Smoking (FFS) online (No Fee): Phone (800) 548-8252  Website:

Nicotine Anonymous: Phone (877) 879-6422 Website:
Lung Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Clinic and Smoke-Free Life Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA): Phone (206) 288-7222 or (800) 804-8824

American Cancer Society “Quitting Smoking” Message Board: Once you arrive on the home page, look for the section on quitting smoking. Website:

Quitnet: Website:  Website:

Transformations:  Website:


AIDS Outreach: Phone
(425) 259-7142 ext. 103

Al-Anon and Al-A-Teen (Families/friends/teens of alcoholics): Phone (425) 348-7828

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Phone (425) 252-2525

Catholic Community Services Recovery Center: Phone (425) 258-5270

Evergreen Manor (Pregnant women/women that are parents): Phone (425) 258-2407

Gamblers Anonymous (Services for gambler, family, friends):
Legal options, state benefits, special needs services, advocacy and more! Phone (425) 670-8984 ext.12. For drop-in locations and times (child care provided): Phone (425) 501-6665

Kinship Caregiver Support Groups:
Legal Options, state benefits, special needs services, advocacy
and more. Phone (425) 670-8984 ext. 12. For drop-ins locations and times (childcare provided) Phone (425) 501-6665

Narcotics Anonymous: Phone
(425) 609-6170

Safe Babies/Safe Moms: Phone (425)259-7142 ext. 141

Familias Unidas Hispanic Family Support Center: Phone
(425) 397-7433

Lake Stevens Family Center: Phone (425) 355-6005

The Family Center of South Snohomish County: Phone (425) 670-8984


Catholic Community Services: Phone (425) 257-2111 or (888) 240-8572

Community Transit: Phone (425) 353-7433 or (800) 562-1375

Dial-a-Ride (DART): Phone (425) 347-5912

Everett Para Transit: Phone (425) 257-8801

Salvation Army (Some assistance available for gas & bus fare): Phone (425) 259-8129

Senior Services of Snohomish County: Phone (425) 423-8517

Special Needs Transportation Hotline: Phone (800) 223-8145

Cedar Park Church Mechanic Ministry (Mechanic services): Phone (425) 939-1347

Other transportation suggestions: Free Transportation To Medical Appointments: If Mom has to get to a doctor's visit in the middle of the day, and you can't take her, or if you have a disability that may cause you to miss an appointment if someone else doesn't drive, you may be able to get free transportation and escort services provided by your local health office or your office on aging. Some communities even provide very low-cost door-to-door services for seniors to go anywhere. If you are unable to find your local public health office, contact your state health department listed in the blue pages of your phone book.

Local Transportation:
Some states offer a local transportation program for persons who are disabled.  For details, call the information/general assistance numbers at your local bus stations, train stations, and airports.  The Metropolitan Transit Authority in many cities also offers special buses or services such as discount fares, "reserve-a-ride" programs, or regional ride sharing.  Medicaid can also offer free transportation to your doctor's office.  For details on available services, check with your local Metropolitan Transit Authority.


Child Care Referral Services (Volunteers of America): Phone 211 or (800) 223-8145

Arc of Snohomish County (Several Programs and Opportunities): Phone (425) 258-2459

Deaconess Impact Program (Parenting and education/support): Phone
(425) 259-0146, Fax (425) 252-7612, Address: 4708 Dogwood Drive, Everett, WA 98203 Website:

ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program): State funded pre-school program free to income-eligible families focusing on 3 and 4 year olds.  Locations in Arlington, Everett, Granite Falls, Lake Stevens, Marysville/Tulalip, Snohomish and more!  Phone (425) 388-7200

Edmonds Community College Parent Education Co-Op: Phone (425) 640-1665
Everett Community College Parent Education Co-Op: Phone (425) 388-9300

Family Help Line: Phone (800) 932-4673

Family Interagency Coordinating Council (Special needs children): Phone (425) 339-1965

Parent to Parent (For parents of children w/special health care needs): Phone (425) 258-2459

Pathways for Women YMCA: Phone (425) 774-9843

Support Enforcement Services (Child Support): Phone
(877) 980-9131

Tomorrow’s Hope: Phone
(425) 353-4301

Volunteers of America Neighborhood Center: Phone (425) 259-2973

WA Women In Need: Phone (888) 440-9946

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children): Phone (425) 252-5303 or (425) 252-6491

Working Connections Childcare Program (DSHS): Phone (877) 980-9131

YMCA (Call for locations): Phone (425) 258-9211


Arc of Snohomish County (For children with special needs): Phone
(425) 258-2459

Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Phone (425) 252-2227

Boys and Girls Club: Phone (425) 258-2436

Children’s Domestic Violence Program (Free and Confidential): Phone (425) 258-2766 ext. 119

Head Start of Snohomish County: Phone
(425) 712-9000

Homeless liaisons in public schools: Mukilteo School District Phone (425) 356-1209, Edmonds School District Phone (425) 431-7000, Everett School District Phone (425) 385-4000

YMCA of Snohomish County: Phone (425) 258-9211


Cocoon House U-Turn (Youth):
Resource and community advocates (18-21 Year Olds). Address: 3422 Broadway, Everett, WA Phone (425) 387-6776

Everett Gospel Mission (Men): Phone (425) 252-4776

Jeremiah Center (Youth): Phone
(425) 778-3978


Social Security Administration: Official government agency which administers SSDI and SSI. Call to make an appointment to file a claim, ask about an overdue check, verify benefits, get a Social Security statement, ask about Medicare, ask general questions, replace a lost or stolen Social Security card, start direct deposit or to change your address.  Toll Free Service 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday thru Friday, Phone (800) 772-1213 Website:  or

National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR): Social Security attorney's organization which offers FAQ's on SSDI, resource information, and attorney referrals. 
Phone (800) 431-2804 Website:

Social Security Advisory Service:
Offers information about Social Security but is not affiliated with the Social Security Administration. Provides SSAS newsletter and free download of Social Security Handbook. Website:


Allsup: Allsup is a leading nationwide provider of financial and healthcare related services to people with disabilities. They have helped thousands of people receive their entitled Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare benefits. Allsup does not provide services for SSI, just SSDI. If you contact them for services, please let them know that Christina Skywater referred you. Phone (800) 279-4357

Free legal services for low-income individuals in non-criminal matters. Phone (888) 201-1014, (888) 201-9737 (TDD), and for individuals age 60 and over, Phone (888) 387-7111.

Lawyer Referral Service:
If you need legal assistance and do not know an attorney, call a Lawyer Referral Service in the following areas. Clark County Phone (360) 695-0599, King County Phone (206)

623-2551, Lewis County Phone (360) 748-0430, Pierce County Phone (253) 383-3432, Snohomish County Phone (425) 388-3018, Thurston County Phone (360) 923-4844

Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties: Dispute Resolution offers mediation and conflict resolution services to assist landlords and tenants in resolving their disputes. If you are renting, know your rights! Find out how you can get a copy of The Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of Washington. Snohomish County Phone (425) 339-1335, Skagit County Phone (360) 542-8487 or Toll Free Phone: (800) 280-4770 Website:

Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse: Legal advocacy, All services are free and confidential. 24-hour crisis line response. Phone (425) 252-4800, Address: 1509 California Street, Everett, WA 98201. You can contact Julia McFarland, Legal Advocate. Phone (425) 297-5781, Fax (425) 259-5830, Email:

Fair Housing:
Northwest/Alaska Office
Fair Housing Hub
U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Seattle Federal Office Building
909 First Avenue, Room 205
Seattle, WA 98104-1000
Phone (206) 220-5170 or (800) 877-0246
TTY: (206) 220-5185 Fax: (206) 220-5447

Legal Voice (Information and referrals):
Phone (206) 621-7691

Pathways for Women (Legal Services Clinic): Phone (877) 773-9843

Protection Order Program (Within Washington State): Phone (425) 388-3638

Snohomish County Family Law Facilitator Program: Phone (425) 388-3795

Snohomish County Legal Services (Divorce, Landlord/Tenant): Phone (425) 258-9283

Team Child (Legal Advocacy for Youth): Phone (425) 258-3132

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project: Provides legal representation and community education to low-income refugees and immigrants in Washington State. Phone (800) 445-5771

Refugee and Immigration Services Northwest: Phone (425) 388-9307

Pine Tree Legal Assistance:
Offers online links to websites offering legal assistance. Website:

Prepaid Legal Services: This company offers low cost, pre-paid, legal services. 

Medicare Rights Center: The largest independent source of Medicare information and assistance in the U.S. Provides telephone hotline services to individuals who need answers to Medicare questions and offers information on Medicare benefits and rights.  Phone (212) 869-3850 

Technical Assistance Collaborative: Non-profit that works to achieve positive outcomes for people with disabilities and other special needs. Phone (617) 266-5657 Website:


Community Trades and Careers (Division of Sunrise Services): Assists individuals with disabilities to find and keep employment. Phone (425) 374-5478

Disability Resource Connections: Designed to empower youths with disabilities. Phone (425) 290-7651 or (800) 315-3583

Career and employment services for individuals with disabilities. Mukilteo
(425) 355-1253

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (Through DSHS): Employment and training for the disabled. Everett Phone (425) 339-4880, Lynnwood Phone (425) 673-3180, Smokey Point Phone (360) 651-6401.

Edmonds Community College: Main Number Phone (425
) 640-1500, Enrollment Services Phone (425) 640-1458, Career Center Phone (425) 640-1256, Workforce Training and Development Phone (425) 640-1421

Everett Community College: Main Phone Number (425) 388-9100, Counseling, Advising, and Career Center Phone (425) 388-9263, Workforce Training and Development Phone (425) 388-9565

Job Corp (Youth: 16 – 24 year olds only): Phone (800) 733-5627

Operation Improvement YMCA: Phone (425) 774-9843

Pathways for Women: Phone (425) 258-2766

Project Self-Sufficiency: Phone (425) 388-7200
Service Alternatives, Inc. (For individuals with disabilities): Phone (425) 710-0107

Snohomish County Developmental Disabilities: Phone (425) 388-7476

Snohomish County Transition Council:
Network of schools, providers, professionals, and parents invested in the transition of students from school into work. Phone (425) 388-7259

Washington State Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD): Phone (425) 339-4833

Worksource: Job search, employment training, and Veterans services. Everett Phone (425) 258-6300, Lynnwood Phone (425) 673-3300, Sky Valley Phone (425) 422-7568

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC):
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces all Equal Employment Opportunity laws. EEOC also provides oversight and coordination of all federal equal employment opportunity regulations, practices, and policies. There are several publications that you can read on their site. Website:

American with Disabilities Act (ADA): Enforces Disability Laws. There are several publications that you can read on their site.  Website:
United States Department of Labor/Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Entitles eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave in a 12-month period for specified family and medical reasons. Phone (866) 487-9243 Website:

Job Accommodation Network (JAN): Provides free advisory service on accommodations available through the Americans with Disabilities Act--ADA. Phone (800) 526-7234 Website:

Disability And Business Technical Assistance Centers (DBTAC): Answer questions related to the ADA. Phone (800) 949-4232 Website: Large online job search portal. Website:


U.S. Trustee Program: Before you can file for bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 (which allows you to "start over with a clean slate") or Chapter 13 (which requires you to pay back a portion or all of your debts, under a court ordered payment plan), you must complete credit counseling with an agency approved by the United States Trustee's office. The counseling service will attempt to negotiate with your credit companies to acquire a payment plan that is affordable for you and can also negotiate interest rates and pay-offs. Go to their website for an approved list of credit counseling agencies. Website:

To view the Bankruptcy Law changes, visit this page.

Better Business Bureau (BBB): I use the BBB all of the time to check out businesses that I am considering dealing with. If you cannot find the business the business has a poor rating, do not use them! 


Family Village: Disability-related regional/state resources in the U.S. Website:

Disability Resources: Directory to regional/state disability resources. Website:

National Fibromyalgia Partnership, Inc., Website:

ProHealth Website:
Disability Secrets Website:

Disability Digest Website:


I am not a medical doctor nor am I an attorney; I am an individual with fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome.  This resource guide was created for information, fundraising and awareness purposes only.  This information cannot take the place of professional medical advice or professional legal advice.  Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness should come under the direction of a physician.

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